Chicken Taki £4.95
Fish Moja Bite £4.95
Paneer Tikka £4.95
Onion Bhajee £3.30
(2 pieces)
Samosa £3.30
Vegetable or Lamb
Aloo Chat £3.30
Chicken Chat £3.95
Prawn Cocktail £3.95
Chicken or lamb Tikka £4.50/4.95
Tandoori Chicken £4.50
Sheek or Shami Kebab £4.50
Reshmi Kebab £4.50
Spice Special £5.50
(Chicken Tikka. sheek Kebab & lamb samosa)
Prawn Puree £4.75
Chicken Tikka Chat Puree £4.95
King Prawn Puree £5.95
King Prawn Butterfly £5.95
Tandoori lamb Chops £5.95
All Dry Dishes
Tandoori Chicken £7.10
(Half 2 Pieces)
Tandoori Chicken £13.50
(Full 4 Pieces)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50/7.75
Chicken or Lamb Shashlick £8.95/9.50
Paneer Shashlick £9.10
Sheek Kebab £8.75
Tandoori Mixed grill £12.95
(Nan & Salad)
Tandoori King Prawn £12.95
Tandoori lamb Chops £11.95
We are proud to serve authentic Balti, pan cooked & stir fry in special homemade Balti sauce. Aromatic slightly dry pan stews and served with NAN BREAD OR PIlAU RICE
Chicken or lamb Balti £9.50/9.75
Chicken Tikka Balti £9.95
Paneer Balti £9.75
(Cottage cheese)
Fish Balti £10.95
Vegetable Balti £8.50
King Prawn Balti £12.95
Tango Mango (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Succulent Chicken or Lamb marianted with home-made mango sauce. Dry mint is added to give it extra bite. A dice of green pepper is added to liven the sauce with a slight crunch to it. This dish is best served medium hot however, can be served to any level and still obtain fresh tangy flavour.
Fiery (Chicken or Lamb) £8.75/8.95
Chicken or Lamb marianted with home-made chilli sauce. This will consists of three different types of chillies grinded together. The dish will be cooked with green peppers and tomatoes. This will signal vibrant flavours to your taste buds. The curry dish is oozing with hot gravy sauce will be adored by spicy eating lovers. This dish is only served madras or higher level.
green Mossala (Chicken or lamb) £8.50/8.75
Fairly hot dish marinated with ground bullet chillies, green peppers, coriander & other green herbs & spices
Chatpoti (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Homemade special spicy tamarind sauce mixed with fresh garlic and green chillies.The exotic curry dish is highly recommended and best served medium/Madras hot. It embraces a lively flavour in the succulent meat.
Spice Piaza Special £8.95
Chicken treks cooked with marinated selected spice mushroom & fried onions served in steeling dish.
Kali Mirch Mossala (Chicken or lamb) £8.50/8.75
An unusual yet delightful combination of diced chicken or meat cooked with to ground peppercorn a spicy goon dish much admired
Shatkora Special (Chicken or lamb) £8.50/8.75
Medium dish, cooked in fragrant Bengali citrus and mixture of special herbs & spices slightly bitter and highly flavoured.
Chicken Shahi Tikka Mossala £8.50
Sauce made with cashew nut, honey, fresh cream, yoghurt & mild spices.
Chicken Tikka Masala £8.50
Marinated in tandoori sauce, half cooked over a charcoal fire then cooked with special masala sauce which is made with grounds, pineapple, lychees & lots of herbs & spices
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £12.95
Tandoori King Prawn Karahi £12.95
Korahi (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Marinated in spices & cooked in a thick gravy with herbs & tomatoes, peppers & onions
Chilli Mossala (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Diced pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with green peppers & fried green chillies cooked hot recipe.
Garlic (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Cooked with special ground spices & lot of fresh garlic served medium.
Roshni (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Hot, sweet & sour cooked with special delicate blend of ground spices garnished with fresh garlic and herbs.
Tandoori Chicken Lababdar £8.50/8.75
Mild to medium dish off the bone spring chicken cooked with onion tomato green peppers to a unique recipe
Joypur Special (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Medium dish, cooked with boiled egg & minced lamb
Chicken Pasanda £8.50
Marinated in selected spices with fresh cream, nut served mild
Chicken Butter £8.50
Cooked with butter, flavoured almond and mild spices.
Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50/8.75
Succulent sliced chicken or tender lamb pieces cooked with fresh green chillies, ginger and ground spices & herbs
Chicken Tikka Rojothi £8.50
Tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked with medium herbs & spice topped with spiced mushroom.
Off the bone. Fish from sweet water of Bangladesh
Fish Kali Mirch Mossala £8.95
Fish Tikka Mossala £8.95
Fish Jalfrezi £8.95
Fish Green Mossala £8.95
Fish Piaza Special £9.25
Fish Biran £9.25
Medium spicy Bangladeshi fry fish cooked with dulled onion served dry
All Biryani dishes are served with vegetable curry (Mild, Medium or Hot)
Spice Special Biryani £11.95
Mixed with Chicken, Lamb & Prawn comes with an omelette
Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.75
Chicken or Lamb Biryani £9.25/9.50
Tandoori Chicken Biryani £9.75
King Prawn Biryani £12.95
Mix Vegetable Biryani £8.50
Vegetable Korma £6.95
Vegetable Mossala £7.50
Vegetable Jalfrezi £7.50
Vegetable Korahi £7.50
Vegetable Garlic £7.50
Spicy Paneer Mossala £7.95
Cottage cheese with medium hot
Tandoori Paneer Tikka Korahi £8.50
Madras/ Vindaloo Dishes
Hot/very hot with Potato
Chicken or Lamb £6.95/7.20
Fish (off the bone) £8.75
Prawn £7.50
King Prawn £9.95
Korma/ Dupiaza
Mild Sweet/Medium with onion
Chicken or Lamb £7.20/7.30
Fish (off the bone) £8.95
Prawn £7.50
King Prawn £9.95
Medium with Tomatoes/Medium Dry Curry
Chicken or Lamb £7.20/7.30
Fish (off the bone) £8.95
Prawn £7.50
King Prawn £9.95
Medium with Fenugreek/Medium with Spinach
Chicken or Lamb £7.20/7.30
Fish (off the bone) £8.95
Prawn £7.50
King Prawn £9.95
Hot Sweet & Sour with Lentil / Hot Sweet & Sour
Chicken or Lamb £7.20/7.30
Fish (off the bone) £8.95
Prawn £7.50
King Prawn £9.95
Mixed Vegetable Curry £4.15
Mixed Dry Vegetable £4.15
Bombay Potato £4.15
Sag Aloo (spinach & potato) £4.15
Tarka Dhall (lentils) £4.15
Chana Mossala (chick peas) £4.15
Brinjol Bhajee (aubergine) £4.15
Aloo Gobi (potato & cauliflower) £4.15
Aloo Brinjol (potato & aubergine) £4.15
Sag Coli (Spinach & Cauliflower) £4.15
Cauliflower Bhajee £4.15
Chana Sag (chick peas & spinach) £4.15
Aloo Butta (Sweet corn & Potato) £4.15
Sag Bhajee (Spinach) £4.30
Mushroom Bhajee £4.30
Bhindi Bhajee (okra) £4.30
Sag Paneer (cottage cheese) £4.95
Motor Paneer (cottage cheese) £4.95
Green Salad £2.25
Plain Rice £2.50
Pilau Rice £2.75
Special Fried Rice(egg & peas) £3.75
Mushroom Fried Rice £3.75
Garlic Pilau Rice £3.75
Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.75
Keema Pilau Rice (Mincemeat) £3.75
Lemon Pilau Rice £3.75
Coconut Pilau Rice £3.75
Corn Fried Rice £3.75
Jeera Pilau Rice £3.75
Plain Nan £2.20
Peshwari Nan £2.95
Sweet with almond & coconut
Garlic Nan £2.95
Keema Nan £2.95
(Mince Meat)
Cheese Nan £2.95
Vegetable Nan £2.95
Chilli Nan £2.95
Plain Paratha £3.10
Fried layered whole wheat bread
Egg Paratha £3.50
Vegetable Paratha £3.50
Tandoori Roti £2.20
Chapati £1.70
Puree £1.80
Raitha £1.20
(Onion, cucumber or mixed)
Chips (large) £2.30
Papadam (Plain or Spicy) £0.70
Chutneys & Pickles £0.65
Tamarind sauce, Mango Chutney, lime Pickle, Onion salad & Mint sauce.
Pepsi, Lemonade (1.5 litre) £2.10
Pepsi, Lemonade (Can) £0.85